Kelly laughing at baby shower

Hi! I’m Kelly. This is a blog where I like to disregard the niche mentality, talk about a little of this and that, and pretend that I’m an expert on things such as home projects, personal finance, and design. Really, I’m mostly an introvert who enjoys the couch, boxed wine, spreadsheets, and browsing Pinterest and the aisles of Hobby Lobby, trying to come up with ways to re-create things I’ve seen, on the cheap.

Jesse driving 1979 VW Bus

I met my husband Jesse when I moved to Wyoming. He enjoys talking to strangers everywhere we go, knowing random facts, researching products, and drinking/talking about beer.

We bought a cute little brick house a few years ago, got married, and realized that we love Wyoming and the simple life we’ve found. We really don’t want to work forever, and every day we try to balance our goals and minimalistic mindset with living well and enjoying some of the finer things in life.

Henry sitting in rocking chair two months

We recently became parents, which is weird and awesome at the same time. Our son, Henry, has given us a whole new set of interests to obsess over, and we think he’s pretty fun.

I hope that you’ll pull up a comfy chair and find some inspiration, tips and tricks for life, or just a little bit of entertainment and a peek into our story. Thanks for stopping by, enjoy!



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