June Boarding – Medicine Bow Peak

Looks like a nice ski trip, but why are you posting these snowboard pics to fb now, when your trip must have been months ago? 

But. It’s June. I didn’t realize they run ski lifts that late.

Soooo…. wait, what?

Jesse and I both used to live in Eastern Kansas, and these are some of the responses we get when we try to tell our friends from the flatlands (whom I love dearly) about our annual June hike/snowboard trip up Medicine Bow Peak. Med Bow Peak is one of my favorite places in Wyoming. Scratch that. In the world.

It was featured on our wedding save-the-date (designed by yours, truly).

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Boarding, Brewing, and More Daylight

Ahhh… we made it! We survived the short days of winter and reached Spring Daylight Savings, which I’m pretty sure is one of Jesse’s favorite days of the year (with December 21st as a close second, when the days start getting longer). I tease him, because I swear he counts the days down all year long. The guy remembers dates and facts like no one I have ever met. In this case though, I can’t argue with him… because oh, do I love the sun. I will gladly give up an hour of my weekend to gain that extra daylight after work! I am writing to you from the front porch, enjoying the evening sun, and let me tell you, it feels amazing.

We had a pretty fantastic, fitting weekend to kick off the new schedule. 

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