ORC: Cozy Neutral Bedroom Week 4


Ok folks, it’s week 4 of the One Room Challenge, and we are hanging in there! If you’re not up to speed, I’ve got 6 weeks to completely re-do one room (I chose our “master” bedroom), and am joining a bunch of other crazy and talented bloggers over at Calling it Home by sharing my progress each week.  You can catch up on my progress with week 1 here, week 2 here, and week 3 here.

So, you know I am all about neutrals with this project. I’ve been going for this white/gray/cream palette, but I’m also obsessing over rose gold accents. I feel like rose gold is the best thing to happen since Breaking Bad. Or sliced bread. Whatever you’re into.

I have a couple of plans to incorporate rose gold into the room, but none of them are in place just yet. However, I know I’ve been teasing an awesome lighting find, so I guess I better spill it!


If you remember back to my inspiration board, I had included some awesome looking coppery pendant light fixtures, but didn’t have an actual source for them.

I did some googling for rose gold light fixtures, and wasn’t coming up with a whole lot. I did about die over these scoop table lamps from West Elm in copper.

scoop table lamp in copper, west elm

They’re gorgeous, but a little pricey. We also wondered about how much light they would give off, because it appears that they might just “spotlight” downward.

At some point, I had pinned this sweet looking pendant-on-bracket-Ikea-hack, but couldn’t find a source for the fixture there either.


Luckily, my husband is really good at the internets. He somehow came across this site called the Color Cord Company, that offers everything you need to create your own custom pendant fixtures.

They have cords by the foot in every color, different fixtures, shades, sockets, switches, plugs, and bulbs. And some awesome modern-looking ideas and tutorials. The possibilities are endless, as they say.

So we finally placed an order Sunday night, and it arrived already today! Jesse, naturally, took the sockets apart after opening the box. His reaction was something like, “These are f*#ing legit! And they feel good too!” (and they do). I really love that the sockets have a UL listing imprinted on the side. Really pretty hardware, but with a little bit of an industrial feel. The 2 watt LED edison bulbs from Color Cord were out of stock, but we found some on Amazon that should be here later this week.

Bedding (again!)

I’ve been really crushing on this blush and gray linen look that I keep seeing as well, so I thought adding a couple of blush pillow cases would be a good way to tie in a little of that warmth to our bedding. Remodelista did a round-up of sources for pale pink linen bedding, but I found that one of their 5 options, West Elm’s “pink champagne” is no longer available. This is a bummer, because their Belgian linen pillowcases are a good price at $44 for a set of 2. So here is my own round up for blush linen pillowcases:

Cultiver linen in Blush – $70 for 2

Garnet Hill Eileen Fisher’s washed linen in Rosewater – $44 for 2

In Bed linen in Peach – $75 for 2

Nest washed linen in Blush – $59 for 2

The Linen Works linen in Cassis Rose – £30 which is about $45 USD, for 1 pillowcase in “housewife” size… whatever that means. Am I supposed to be offended by this?? Or does that just make it more appealing? Because I do dream of becoming a full time housewife. Some day.

Lovely Home Idea on Etsy linen in Pale Pink – $50 for 2

I was tempted to go with the most affordable option, but the Rosewater by Eileen Fisher looks just a tad bit too pink. I’m debating between the Pale Pink from Lovely Home Idea, and the blush from Nest. Thoughts?

UPDATE: Much to my disappointment, I was ready to checkout with these nest pillowcases when I found out that they only ship to New Zealand and Australia. Bummer!

So, here’s one more option I found to add to the round-up – a pricier option, but they look dreamy and DO ship to the US.

LINENME Stonewashed Linen in Rosa – $41 each

And my final update until next week,


We finished our DIY headboard this weekend, AND I even wrote an entire post about it. Check out the pictures and how-to here. So with that, I’m about to call it a night. Right after I fill you in on my lists.


  • Ikea Ekby Valter shelf brackets (2) – $18 ($8 for the brackets, $10 for shipping. Whomp, whomp.)
  • Color Cord DIY pendant supplies – $89

Total for the week: $107

To-do list:

  • Paint
  • New bedding – Still in progress. Closer.
  • New curtains
  • Update artwork/wall hangings
  • Organize tops of dressers – In the works.
  • Possibly a new rug
  • Possibly update lighting/lamps – Almost ready to assemble
  • Plants?
  • DIY Headboard 

Have a great rest of the week!

On to Week 5

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  1. Though I would usually go with Etsy on something like your pillow cases, in this case, I think the Nest ones are a better shade of blush. The Etsy ones still look a little “too” pink to me. The DIY light fixtures are awesome! I can’t wait to see how those look when finished.

    1. I was thinking the same thing. I love to support Etsy shops, but the blush color by Nest looks pretty perfect… thanks for weighing in!

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