Better late than never?


We’ve had quite the year. Make that quite the two years. Bought a(n adorable) house, built a fence all by ourselves, got engaged, worked hard, trained for and ran a half marathon (Jesse’s first, my third), completed a 72 mile mountain bike race (one half of us did, I drank beer and cheered), learned to dance, paid down debt, saved for, planned for and DIYed ALMOST all of our wedding, and successfully pulled off what we think is without a doubt THE best matrimonial celebration to exist, ever.

There were a few times over the past couple years that we stopped and said “hey, should we start a blog? we’re doing some pretty cool stuff that would be fun to document, we’ve made some huge strides financially that we never thought were possible with seemingly little effort, and we’ve always got little home projects and plans that keep things interesting.” …and then we would go on our way, basically chickening out of talking about ourselves on the big fat internet, for fear that we’re not that interesting, it might be too time consuming, hard to stick to, etc.

After the wedding festivities were done and written forever into our history (we still can’t believe it sometimes, it’s like “hey, we’re married. that… HAPPENED!”) we went on an amazing 10 day honeymoon in the Caribbean. We felt super spoiled doing this, (and if you’ve never been on vacation for 10 days like we hadn’t, I highly recommend that you do so), reluctantly made our way back to reality, and here we are. Settling into married life. Relaxing, feeling like we’re taking a well-deserved break after about 15 months of wedding planning, but also trying to motivate ourselves to get back into habits like working out… yikes. Living life fairly simply but dreaming big. Learning about ourselves and each other every day. And doing our bests to have fun along the way. While it seems like we’ve had a pretty epic time (at least we think so) over the past couple years that would be tough to match, we’re hoping that it’s just the beginning. So I thought, again, that it might be cool to blog about some of the stuff that we do. Not to mention, I needed a new hobby to put some of my energy into that has been going into some sort of wedding planning withdrawals. So here goes. Hope we can share something that you will enjoy, might be able to relate to, or better yet, learn from!

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