June Boarding – Medicine Bow Peak

Looks like a nice ski trip, but why are you posting these snowboard pics to fb now, when your trip must have been months ago? 

But. It’s June. I didn’t realize they run ski lifts that late.

Soooo…. wait, what?

Jesse and I both used to live in Eastern Kansas, and these are some of the responses we get when we try to tell our friends from the flatlands (whom I love dearly) about our annual June hike/snowboard trip up Medicine Bow Peak. Med Bow Peak is one of my favorite places in Wyoming. Scratch that. In the world.

It was featured on our wedding save-the-date (designed by yours, truly).

Postcard save the date, From Wyoming with Love, Medicine Bow Peak
Cassie Rosch Photography

It was also the backdrop to several of our pre-ceremony wedding party photos.

Wedding photo Med Bow Peak WY wildflowers
Cassie Rosch Photography

It’s the reason we skipped our long run this past Saturday. And it’s a whole lot of bad-ass. So get ready for a pic-heavy post, because even though the photos don’t quite do it justice, I just can’t really put it into words. Also I apologize in advance for getting a little braggy. Or maybe it’s too late for that.

After stuffing our faces with the breakfast of champions (the original West-Mex, Taco Johns), we started our trek on the side of the road near the base of the mountain. It was a beautiful day to start.

The monsoon we now know as “May” benefited the snow situation on the mountain. There was even more remaining this year than is typical. We all enjoyed our fair share of post-holing up the mountain.

The views along the way didn’t suck.

Sun, Shade Med Bow Peak June

Medicine Bow Peak June hike

Kelly Jesse Med Bow snowboard hike selfie

We were sure to catch our breath and hydrate.

About half way up the mountain, the clouds took over. We only briefly considered turning back while it sleeted on us.

Nathan Med Bow Mountain Man

Then we basically climbed Mount Everest. It’s the same, I’m sure.

Kelly steep hike to Med Bow Peak summit

After what felt like forever but was really only maybe 3 hours, we summited at 11,995 feet.

And celebrated. Only my husband will haul tulip glasses up the mountain to enjoy his beer at the top.

We took in the view when the clouds lifted like magic.

Kelly Austin Med Bow Peak summit panoramic

Geared up, and said our prayers.

And proceeded to shred.

Jesse shredding Med Bow

Ansley Med Bow steep incline

These photos don’t ever portray how steep this mountain is. You’ll have to take my word for it.

Adam shredding Med Bow Peak steep incline

Kelly Med Bow Peak snowboard June

We all made it to the bottom of the face in one piece. It’s not really a ski-in, ski-out situation, so after high fives and another beer, we packed up and hiked out.

We ended the day down the hill at one of our favorite places, with our favorite pizza.

And took some time to lay in the grass and stare at the sky.

Medicine Bow Peak


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  1. Wow!!! That must have been an awesome ride down! So great that the clouds lifted for you guys. There have been hikes where we’ve waited for the clouds to clear up but they just never did. Awesome pics!

    1. Thanks Sharon! We lucked out on timing with the clouds. You never know what it’s going to do at the top of the mountain, but it is magical when it clears up and you can see forever!

  2. ummmm… brag away. Because those pictures are awesome. My best friend grew up in Evanston, Wyoming and she goes skiing every year in Utah, but I had no idea there was snow on the ground anywhere this time of year, other than mountain tops.
    Gorgeous pics and I’m sure your wedding was stunning too.

    1. Thanks Haley! Yeah, there is a short window where there is a ton of snow left up in the mountains, I think most of it has melted off in the past 2 weeks! It’s crazy how it’s dry and summer in one spot, you wind around the corner, and it looks like winter. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Ummm I need to go back and stalk your wedding because those save the dates are AWESOME and the pictures! I just choked up – so beautiful!

    And the skiing looks fun too. It actually seems like it would be nice to get away from t he 95+ degrees we’re in right now!

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