Oh HEY 2016!


Well happy freaking new year. I’ve been MIA from the blog for awhile, and figured it’s about time I let you all know that I’M STILL ALIVE. And kickin’. I have been busier than ever with my day job (whomp whomp), but I feel like 2016 has some good things in store.

Here’s a quick run-down of what you can expect this year from me and my little blog!

New Domain(!): Yes, after just over a year of blogging, I’ve finally figured out what my blog name SHOULD have been. I’ll be moving all of my content over to the new site, and hope it goes smoothly – and that you’ll continue to follow along!

Home Projects: Namely, a NEW BATHROOM. We’ve been talking about putting in that basement bathroom, pretty much since we bought our house, and it’s finally moving forward! We completed demo and most of the framing just this weekend (I’m still amazed), so it is happening, like for real. I plan to document and share the whole process. It’s definitely the biggest home project I’ve ever taken on, and it’s super exciting!

Possibly Another ORC: I loved participating in the fall One Room Challenge, and have been enjoying our cozy bedroom every day since.

ORC Bedroom 2015 Before and After

It was such a great kick in the ass to get a room done in six weeks, and our office desperately needs a huge clean-up and makeover. The Spring ORC starts in April. Depending on how quickly we get through that bathroom, I may or may not just keep on going and take on another room!

Money Talk: I definitely did not do a great job last year of talking personal finance as much as I would have liked. 2015 for us was a year to keep our heads down, work hard, and pay off debt. And we did! We are officially debt free, except for our house. It’s a pretty amazing feeling, and I have at least a few posts that I’d like to get out there about how we did it, and what our plans are now!

Travel: This summer, we are taking a couple of weeks and going to Europe! We’ll be visiting the town where Jesse’s folks lived in Germany, and hitting one or two other countries before we set off on a Mediterranean cruise. This will be Jesse’s first trip to Europe, and a once-in-a-lifetime trip for both of us!

Weddings: We have FOUR weddings on the calendar this year. This may not be a huge deal for a lot of people (doesn’t everyone have that year when every one of your friends and their mom is getting married?) Well, for me, this is that year. I will also be a bridesmaid for the first time, and a matron of honor 3 weeks later! If you know me, you know that I love love love weddings. So I can’t wait to help my sister and one of my best friends as they walk down the aisle. I also still have several wedding-related posts that I plan to write about our own wedding (because if I could re-live it over and over, I would.)

The most handsome groom
Also, if I could marry this guy over and over, I would!

Probably Less Running: But hopefully some?! We have been HORRIBLE over the past several months, and have just not had time to run or work out. We’ve decided to forgo the Sandhills Half this year, after it turned out to be pretty miserable last summer. Jesse didn’t have a great race either, and we both think we probably overtrained (despite only running 3 days a week). We’re hoping to focus on some different things this year, but I would like to get back into running and hit a few more casual races.

So I’m going to stop now, before I over-commit (or maybe it’s too late for that). It’s definitely going to be a busy year! Thanks for reading, and cheers, to 2016!

Jesse and Kelly, Old Chicago beers January 2016

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    1. Thanks Kristin!! I’ve obviously been MIA from blogging lately, but am excited to get back into it soon! Thanks for stopping by!

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