Sharin’ O’ the Green 5K and St Patty’s Shenanigans

So I’m about a week behind, but I’m finally here for a recap of the race we ran last Saturday. This was our 4th Sharin’ O’ the Green, and it has become quite the St. Patty’s Day tradition. We lucked out yet again with the weather. It was around 34 degrees prior to the start (cold right?) but actually turned out to be perfect race weather. There was no wind, which is huge, and the sun was out. Two ingredients for success in the weather department around here. I think it was right around 40 degrees during the actual run. We were Reagan-free this time, which is a bummer because there were so many cute dogs, and I feel bad leaving her at home. But it was in her best interest, she had been limping last week so I didn’t want her to hurt herself. And she will never quit.

Anyway, I was hoping to improve on my time from the same race last year, and also to run a faster pace than I did at the Valentine’s race. My own time to beat from last year was 24:43, a 7:58/mi average pace. My pace at the Valentine’s run was 8:05 average. Jesse and I have been running a couple of speed workouts this month to… you guessed it, improve our speed. So I was super happy with my results, with a finish time of 23:35, and an average pace of 7:31/mile. We also successfully ran negative splits once again. I’m feeling pretty good about our progress. I’m also really proud of Jesse, (he’s much newer to running than I am) and a little bit nervous that he’s going to be beating me soon. We both pushed each other throughout last week’s race, but he hung on the entire time and we were neck and neck across the finish line. Although official results put me one second ahead of him, sorry Charlie! The course was mostly an out and back, with a little loop mid-way. It was fairly flat, with maybe one noticeable hill. Here are my Strava results:


This is always a fun run, and a great way to kick off our St. Patty’s day celebration. Makes the post-race beers taste that much better – and guilt free! We had a group of about 12 friends who also ran, and we visited a few breweries for some food and beverages before heading home where we had 3 crock pots cooking corned beef and cabbage. Jesse’s family made it out for the weekend, friends came over, the weather was great, and we had a blast! I can’t say we drank any green beer, but we did have a few Irish car bombs – which are always good slash terrible.

This morning we got out for a 7 mile long run – checking off one of my running goals for the month!

Now I feel like I need a nap. I’ll leave you with my new favorite pre-run fuel: the peanut butter banana bacon bagel! PBBBB! P Quadruple B? YUM.


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