Spring teaser

As the Northeast is hunkering down for Snowpocalypse 2015, we happened to have a rare (record?) two days in the mid 60s in Cheyenne. Jesse and I took advantage by sneaking out of work a half hour early yesterday to go for a run outside. It’s a race against daylight at this point in the year, but it was beautiful!

We ran one of our old familiar loops, which ended up being right at 4 miles. This felt like an achievement, since I have only been going about 3 miles at the gym since we got back into the swing of things three weeks ago. I am trying to ease back into a comfortable running level before adding any speed work or getting too carried away with mileage. This month I’ve made it 2-3 days a week, which I think is a fair start after taking a few months off completely.

We also registered for two races yesterday. The first is the Sweetheart Classic 4 mile in Loveland, CO. We ran this one for the first time last year, and it was FREEZING. Reagan ran with me, and I was doing well right up until the last stretch. Feeling like I could kick on the final downhill with the finish line in sight, I happened to come down wrong on a loose chunk of ice and rolled my ankle, like 90 degrees in a direction that it should not ever go. Luckily I didn’t go down or take Reagan down in the process, but I did have to stop completely, mutter a few choice words while I tried putting weight on my ankle, and eventually limp on in to the finish. This year the race actually falls on Valentine’s Day, and while I don’t expect to run much faster, I am hoping for some warmer weather and if I finish without getting hurt I’ll consider it a win.

The second race we have lined up is a St. Patty’s day theme, the Sharin’ O’ the Green 5k in Ft. Collins, CO. We have done this one for the past three years. It is definitely not the best organized race that I’ve participated in, so if you’re serious about running a competitive time, this is not the race for you. Dogs and strollers are allowed, green clothing and costumes are prevalent, and the course can get pretty bottle-necked in some areas. It is sponsored by O’Dell brewing, which means a free beer at the finish. We enjoy it for a good time and a way to feel guilt free while we drink too many beers and eat corned beef and cabbage. Oh, and it benefits a good cause. Win-win. Last year this race was also really cold and windy. Now that I think of it, the half marathon that we ran last June was cold as balls too!! WTF? I’m praying to the race weather gods for better luck in 2015. So far, with the 66 degree January days, I’d say we’re doing ok!

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