Thai Curry Chicken Stuffed Peppers

First, let me start by saying that I don’t consider myself to be an awesome cook. I mean, I have a few go-to meals that I think are delicious and require a little bit of throwing together. But if you asked me who’s the better cook between Jesse and I, I would vote for him 8 days a week. He has the patience of a saint, which I do not. He’s also watched a lot (all) of Good Eats and America’s Test Kitchen, so he knows a lot about food technique. I’m more of a Top Chef kinda gal. I watch for the entertainment and to drool over the dishes, not to actually learn how to cook.

That being said, I am SO thankful to have a husband who is creative and awesome at cooking, and I have been able to (reluctantly) step out of my comfort zone to try to come up with new ideas, and improve on dishes that we’ve done in the past. That isn’t to say that we are always successful when we try to spice something up, we’ve had our flops. Which is why sometimes, I tell Jesse “if it’s already good, don’t f*#% with it!”. So I was a taaad bit skeptical when we found a recipe for buffalo ranch stuffed peppers and decided to make it something completely different than what it was supposed to be, because we were missing about 80% of the ingredients that it called for. Whoops. I do have to give credit to Kelly at Primally Inspired for the original recipe inspiration though because…

OH. MY. GOD. Did this turn out awesome!! It was so good that we made it two nights in a row. No joke. We were like “holy crap. that was awesome. and we have all these peppers that we need to use, let’s make it again and see if we can make it better!” So we tweaked it. Added a couple of ingredients. And then repeated again a week later. And then we had leftover stuffing, put it over rice and ate it AGAIN. So I’ll quit rambling and just say: try this. It’s damn good! And easy.

Thai Chicken Spices vt

Bell Peppers

It requires just a little bit of prep – cutting up your potato and onion. You then mix up a quick little thai spice mix, and bake your spiced chicken and veggies for a bit.

Thai Chicken baking pan


Once your chicken and potatoes are mostly cooked, you’ll cut up the chicken, add cashews, cover your stuffing with a 2 ingredient sauce, and stuff your peppers with this delicious mix.

Thai chicken baked

Bake a bit more, and mouw down. YUM.


Disclaimer: This recipe turned out with just a perfect amount of spice heat – for us. To give you an idea of how spicy we like things, we put cayenne pepper on our peanut butter and jelly sandwiches (and potato chips, of course). If you’re more the type that thinks ketchup is too hot, please don’t try this and say I didn’t warn you. You could always make some slight adjustments and lessen the amount of curry powder, leave out the cayenne, and maybe use a little less sriracha, a little more butter.

Thai Chicken Stuffed Peppers vt

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  1. I can’t wait to try this! I’m obsessed with stuffed peppers, and I’m obsessed with Thai food. Perfect mix!

    Thanks for linking up on Share the Wealth Sunday. I look forward to networking with you further. I’m going to share this on my Facebook page this week.

    1. Me too Hannah! I saw you had posted a recipe with sriracha and peanut butter – SO good together! Thanks for the share!

    1. I hope you enjoy them! Your meal plans are so impressive… that would be a whole ‘nother level for me!

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